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Franklin County Fury


Huge news!!!!

Franklin County Fury has landed a FANTASTIC practice facility in St. Clair Missouri. We are ecstatic to have this space for the league. We now have enough space for everyone!!!

As always we are open to new skaters. Please feel free to drop by any Tuesday at 7 pm. No equipment or knowledge is needed. We will even teach you how to skate!!

The road’s name our practice facility is on is NOT recognized by Google Maps.
Enter this Longitude and Latitude into google search and it will show the EXACT location of our facility.
38.357614, -90.972623






The Fury ladies took on the Leflore County Maidens of Mayhem at the home venue of the maidens. Things started off rough for fury with penalties. The maidens capitalized on this making a nice points lead for themselves. During half time Fury gained composer and worked out a great game plan. The second half went much better for fury but the damage had been done. Overall the bout went very well and everyone had a lot of fun.  



Next Bout!



The ladies of Fury took on Benton County Derby Dames, this time at home. The floor in the venue was VERY slick and both teams had to adjust in order to keep wheels on the floor. Again Benton took and early lead before the Fury could get their stride and start scoring points. Both teams fought hard to both score points AND stay upright on the floor. Exciting game non the less and we appreciate Benton for making the trip for the bout.






6.25.16 Poster


The ladies of Fury took on Benton County Derby Dames may 14th. Things started off rough for the fury and the Benton county ladies definitely were able to take advantage of that. The fury ladies tried hard as hell and did manage to get things together in the second half, but the damage was done. Fury is looking to redeem them selves next bout June 25th when they take on Benton County Derby Dames again at home. Come to the bout and see all the action!!  







Well it was a hard fought bout from the beginning but the ladies of BLACK SNAKE beat out the FURY ladies with a score of 124 to 111. Black snake took an early lead in the early parts of the first quarter and fury just could not make up the points. Both teams were firing on all cylinders which gave the crowd an awesome game to watch.
This was the first time that a roller derby event was held at LOST VALLEY lake resort, and also the first home bout hosted by fury this season. Everything went perfect and the bout ran smooth as silk. The league would like to thank all those involved that made this bout a wonderful success! As always pictures can be found on this website under pics.



Looks like the ladies of FURY are going to take on the  ladies of BLACK SNAKE roller girls. Come join us!





The ladies of Fury plus a few visiting skaters from Black Snake took on a mash-up team made up of the Danger Dolls and Jesse Jane’s in st Joseph Missouri.  
The 1st quarter ended with Fury ahead with 25 points and the Dolls/Jane’s with 19 points.
At the half, Fury was again in the lead with 48 points and the Dolls/Jane’s close behind with 45 points.
The Dolls/Jane’s went on a scoring spree in the final quarter to take the lead and end the bout with the Dolls/Jane’s having 97 points and the Fury having 79.
Both teams played hard as hell and put up a fantastic fight.
Everyone played awesome and had a fantastic time.
No injuries to report on either teams roster. The Fury league would like to thank Black Snake roller girls for the opportunity to bout against them and we look forward to our next home bout against them. Check back soon for details. Also check the pics page for bout pictures


March 19th a bunch of the fury ladies were invited for a mixer event in St Jo missouri. For the majority of these girls this will be their first ever experience bouting in the MADE roller derby world. We are very happy that st jo invited the ladies for this exhibition mixer bout. The ladies participating have been practicing and training hard all winter for this first event of the FURY season.  Feel free to join us at the St Jo Civic Arena, 6pm to 9pm!!!


Two of the girls from the Fury had the privilege to be requested as  guests on inner league teams for the Black Snake Roller Girls. 
Zisa Spires and K.O. RO both took the invite and drove the four hours to ST Joseph Mo.
Zisa guested on the Jessie Janes, and RO guested on the Venomous Vixens. The bout was a close one all game long and at the end of regulation time it was all tied up! Came down to a sudden death one jam takes all. The Jessie Janes got their jammer out first but the Vixens jammer squeaked by on the turn and took lead jammer, she took a point and called the jam. An exciting end to a bout to say the least.  Check out the pictures of the bout under the pics tab on this site.

Thank you.



The Franklin County Fury is hard at work preparing for the upcoming season.

We practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays every week.

The first bout is an away bout that is taking place in march.

If you are interested in being part of the fury league in any capacity please drop us an email from the contact page.

Thank you.


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